Thor is 1 of our pups from a litter back in October 2017 and is a pure bred Siberian Husky with documents. He was adopted when he was ten weeks old. Thor was returned to us from the previous owners because they could not handle him in. We took Thor back with the intentions to foster him until we could train him like our other huskies and rehome. We do still have the mother and father with us as...
Dash is a five year old black Lab and bully-breed mixture. He is an energetic happy dog who loves playing. Dash earned his name from his affection for running through the yard! Dash is socialized with 3 other dogs (husky, catahoula, dachshund). He can be introduced to other dogs so long as they meet in a neutral area and the handler is in control. Dash does well being introduced with other dogs...
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